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1. Print, Map of Italy, Published by J. Arrowsmith, London, 18402. Photograph Album of Naples and Southern Italy, Compiled by...3. Drug Jar, Italy or Spain4. Albarello Drug Jar, Italy, 18th Century5. Albarello Drug Jar, Italy, 18th Century6. Early Small Coherer, by Guglielmo Marconi, Italy, c. 18957. Tuning Condenser, Italy, c. 19078. 1901 Transatlantic Self-Restoring Coherer, by Lieutenant Luigi...9. Exhibition Medal Exposition of Electricity And Serious Industry,...10. Print (Stipple Engraving) Vincent Lunardi, by R. Cosway, made...11. Astrolabe Quadrant, by Giovanni Antonio Magini, Italy, Late...12. Clockwork Dial, Italy, c. 175013. Horary Quadrant, by L. Frisi, Italy, 179414. Albarello Drug Jar, Italy, 171715. Albarello Drug Jar, Italy, 170216. Drug Jar, Grosso Factory?, Italy, After 164117. Gaede Air Pump associated with H.G.J. Moseley, by E. Leybold's...18. Gaede Air Pump associated with H.G.J. Moseley, by E. Leybold's...19. Three Mermaid-Motif Amulets, Italy?, 19th Century?20. Polyhedral Dial and Scaphe, Italy, ?c.160021. Dodecagonal Astrolabe, by Erasmus Habermel, German, c. 158522. Astrolabe and Equatorium, Southern France or Northern Italy,...23. Radio Latino, by Giovanni Maria Mancini, Italy, c. 160024. Galilean-Type Sector and Plumb-Level, Italy, 17th Century25. Drug Jar, Naples, Italy, 1689