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1. Napier's Rods, by Edmund Blow, English, 17152. Abacus, Japanese, Early 20th Century3. Abacus, Chinese, 19th Century4. Model of a Swiss Counting Board, Nurenberg, 16th Century5. Jeton, Nuremberg?, 16th Century6. Jeton, by or for Hanns Krauwickel, Nuremberg, 16th Century7. Cylindrical Ready Reckoner, by McFarlane, Glasgow, Mid-19th...8. Calculating Rods, English, 17th Century9. Circular Slide Rule and Horizontal Instrument, by Elias Allen,...10. Circular Slide Rule, by A. Boucher, Le Havre, After 187611. Case for a Suxspeach Universal Slide Rule, London, 175512. Suxspeach Universal Slide Rule, by Ben Parker, Ratcliff, 175313. Proell's Logarithmic Calculator, by Julius Springer, Berlin,...14. Circular Slide Rule, by Paul Pouech, Paris, c. 189015. Thacher's Cylindrical Slide Rule, by Keuffel & Esser, New York,...16. Lewis Evans Paper-Maker's Slide Rule, by Aston & Mander, London,...17. Slide Rule, by Tavernier-Gravet, Paris, c. 189018. Ullaging Slide Rule, by J. Stutchbury, London, 180519. Straight Slide Rule for Gauging, by Thomas Cooke, London, 170920. Gauging Slide Rule, English, 18th Century21. Engineer's Slide Rule, by Hoare, London, 19th Century22. Gauging Slide Rule, by Dollond, London, 19th Century23. Gauging Slide Rule, by Isaac Carver, London, 168824. Slide Rule for Weights, Measures and Currency, by W. Cary,...25. Carpenter's Folding Rule, by F. B. Cox, English, c. 1860