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1. Folding Square and Protractor, German, 18th Century2. Diptych Dial, German, 17th Century3. Astronomical Instrument, Spanish?, c. 1700?4. Cylinder Dial in 18th-Century Style, made for Henri Michel,...5. Pair of Compasses with Screw-Thread Supporting Arc, French...6. Simple Theodolite and Surveyor's Cross, Dutch, 15657. Hispano-Moorish Astrolabe, Spain?, c. 13008. Ring-Dial, by W.S., English, 17659. Equinoctial Ring Dial, by Elias Allen?, English, c. 165010. Astronomical Compendium, Signed by Bernard?, French, early...11. Qibla Indicator, c. 180012. Scaphe Dial and Compass, Japanese, 19th Century?13. Astrolabe, Workshop of Jean Fusoris?, French?, c. 140014. Gothic Astrolabe with Universal Projection and Toothed Rete,...15. Scaphe Dial and Surveyor's Compass, by Alexander Ravillius,...16. Analemmatic Dial, devised by Bonnes, engraved by ?Craverse,...17. Magnetic Azimuth Dial, 18th Century18. Nocturnal and Horizontal Dial, French, 158919. Horizontal Dial and Perpetual Calendar, German, Early 18th...20. Triangulation Instrument, by Erasmus Habermel, Prague?, Late...21. Ivory Geomantic Compass, Chinese22. Azimuth Dial, style of Erasmus Habermel, c. 1600?23. Horizontal Dial and Snuff Box, 172124. Armillary Sphere, by Philippe Danfrie, French, c. 157025. Horizontal Pin-Gnomon Dial, Italian, c. 1600