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1. Equinoctial Ring Dial, by Pierre Sevin, Paris and London, Late... 2. Astronomical Compendium, by Erasmus Habermel, Prague, Late... 3. Astrolabe, by Muhammad Mahdi al-Yazdi, Persian, c. 1660 4. Astrolabe, by Khalil Muhammad and Abd al-A'imma, Persian, 1707/8 5. Astrolabe, by Khalil Muhammad and `Abd al-A'imma, Persian,... 6. Horizontal String-Gnomon Dial, German, Later 16th Century 7. Horizontal String-Gnomon Dial, by Erasmus Habermel, Prague?,... 8. Mechanical Equinoctial Dial, German?, c. 1750 9. Astronomical Ring Dial, by de Succa, Antwerp, 1600 10. Astronomical Ring Dial, by Arsenius, Louvain, 1567 11. Nocturnal, by Radî ad-dîn Muhammad b. Sayyid Alî al-Husainî,... 12. Nocturnal, for both Bears, English, c. 1700 13. Radio Latino, by Giovanni Maria Mancini, Italy, c. 1600 14. Gunnery and Surveying Instrument with Sundial, German, c. 1600 15. Military Graphometer and Protractor, French?, 17th Century? 16. Water Level and Tripod, by Erasmus Habermel, Prague?, Late... 17. Altazimuth Theodolite, by Erasmus Habermel, Prague, Late 16th... 18. Triangulation Instrument, by Erasmus Habermel, Prague?, Late... 19. Triangulation Instrument, by Jost Bürgi, German, Late 16th... 20. Simple Theodolite and Sundial, German, Early 17th Century,... 21. Gunner's Quadrant, Sight and Gauge, by Erasmus Habermel, Prague,... 22. Gunner's Compendium, by Ulrich Klieber, Augsburg, 1578 23. Double Rectilinear Dial, by Giuseppe Toaldo, Padua, 1760 24. Sector, German?, 17th Century 25. Sector, by Johann Ludwig Koch, Berlin, 1742