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1. Gothic Astrolabe, Late 14th Century?2. Hispano-Moorish Astrolabe, Spain?, c. 13003. Ring-Dial, by W.S., English, 17654. Diptych Dial, by Paul Reinmann?, Nuremberg, c. 16005. Equinoctial Ring Dial, by Pierre Sevin, Paris and London, Late...6. Astronomical Compendium, by Erasmus Habermel, Prague, Late...7. Astrolabe, by Muhammad Mahdi al-Yazdi, Persian, c. 16608. Astrolabe, by Khalil Muhammad and Abd al-A'imma, Persian, 1707/89. Astrolabe, by Khalil Muhammad and `Abd al-A'imma, Persian,...10. Semicircular Protractor, by Johann Martin Unseld, Ulm, 171211. Horizontal Dial, by Hans Koch, Munich, 156712. Horizontal String-Gnomon Dial, German, Later 16th Century13. Horizontal String-Gnomon Dial, by Erasmus Habermel, Prague?,...14. Mechanical Equinoctial Dial, German?, c. 175015. Astronomical Ring Dial, by de Succa, Antwerp, 160016. Astronomical Ring Dial, by Arsenius, Louvain, 156717. Nocturnal and Sundial, German, 158718. Nocturnal, by Radî ad-dîn Muhammad b. Sayyid Alî al-Husainî,...19. Lodestone Terella, English, Mid 18th Century20. Gunner's Quadrant, Sight and Gauge, by Erasmus Habermel, Prague,...21. Gunner's Compendium, by Ulrich Klieber, Augsburg, 157822. Sector, German?, 17th Century23. Sector, by Johann Ludwig Koch, Berlin, 174224. Equinoctial Ring Dial with Quadrant, by Culpeper, London, c....25. Equinoctial Ring Dial, by Elias Allen?, English, c. 1650