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Astronomical Compendium, by Philippe Danfrie, French, c. 1590

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Inventory Number: 44194
Object Type:
Persons: Philippe Danfrie
Date Created: c. 1590
Place Created: France Europe
Subject Classification(s): Lewis Evans Collection By Collection  
Accession Number: 1924-0/part
Brief Description: Brass octagonal box with hinged leaf comprising universal equinoctial dial and nocturnal, richly decorated table of latitudes and compass, latitude strut, altitude circle with alidade, double shadow square, and unequal-hour diagram enclosing a coat-of-arms.
Primary Inscriptions: "Philipus Danfrie Fecit"
Provenance: Presented by Lewis Evans. Made for a member of the French royal order of Saint Esprit (crest on reverse).
Collection Group:
Material(s): Gilt brass and silver


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