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Microscope with Accessories in Case

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Inventory Number: 54185
Object Type: Object
Persons: William Elliott
Date Created:
Place Created: London England United Kingdom Europe
Subject Classification(s): Microscopy  
Brief Description: This copper alloy instrument stands on a flat, folding tripod foot. The limb is attached to a turned pillar, via a compass joint. At the top of the limb two milled screws secure the arm that carries the body tube. The Huygenian eyepiece pushes into the top of the body and objectives screw into the nose. A vertical screw on the lower end of the body moves the nose for fine focusing. The stage is mounted on rackwork on the limb for coarse focusing. The arm supporting the stage can be racked in and out and a screw beneath the stage plate moves it from side to side. Specimens are held in place by a bracket on two pins. A pivoting arm below the stage holds a rotating disc with five apertures. The plano-concave mirror is set on a sliding sleeve on the lower end of the limb. The fitted hinged mahogany case has two swing clasp fastenings and a lock mechanism. Inside, it has wooden supports which are lined with green felt and two trays which can be lifted out. The case also contains two eyepieces, three objectives in cans, a spring stage, two mounts for stage forceps, three Lieberkühn, an articulated arm, a dark well with slide focusing, a watch glass, an ivory black and white disc, a fish plate, and a specimen chamber on a copper alloy plate.

(.1: Tripod & limb; .2: Body tube; .3: 2x eyepieces; .4: 3x objectives in cans; .5: Spring stage; .6: 2x mounts for forceps; .7: 3x Lieberkühn; .8: articulated arm; .9: Dark well; .10: Watch glass; .11: Black & white disc; .12: Specimen chamber; .13: fishplate; .14: Case)
Primary Inscriptions: W. Elliott. 268 High Holborn
Collection Group: Clay Collection
Material(s): Copper alloy
Mirror glass

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Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/54185