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Box of Microscope Accessories, by Powell & Lealand, London, c. 1875-1900

Inventory Number: 49895
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Place Created: London England United Kingdom Europe
Brief Description: A hinged mahogany case with a lock fastening contains a condenser lens mounted at the end of a copper alloy arm which screws into a lead-weighted base; a body tube; an eyepiece which pushes into the body tube; and a copper alloy sleeve. Also inside the case is a mahogany accessory box with a hinged lid and a lock fastening. The accessory box contains: A set of four objectives of different magnifications in cans; three compound eyepieces; a Wenham prism in a burgundy-coloured leather case; a Nicol analyser which rotates in its surround; stage forceps with a cork circle; a small eyepiece; a camera lucida; two copper alloy cap accessories with removable stems; a lens with a rectangular copper alloy middle and a focussing dial; a copper alloy collar; an erecting tube with a lens at both ends; a dark well carrier; two differently sized dark wells; a lens accessory with a two-tone red and clear lens; an accessory with a blue filter and a rotating aperture disc; and copper alloy forceps with a rounded handle and pointed tips. There is also a piece of paper listing condenser diaphragm apertures, and three keys on a metal key ring with a fabric label; one opens the carrying case, another opens the accessory box, the other's use is unknown.
Primary Inscriptions: "POWELL & LEALAND 2O" on body tube.
Provenance: Gunther Collection, St. BEW; accession pre 1950 (label attached to handle). "P & L & accessories Micr. out." (Yellow wax crayon [Turner])
Collection Group:
Material(s): Copper alloy

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