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Two Boxes of 13 Lantern Slides of Zanzibar in Cigar Case, 1946

Inventory Number: 48711
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Brief Description: Wooden Havana cigar box, containing 2 card boxes (originally for Ilford lantern slide plates) entitled 'Zanzibar (1)' and 'Zanzibar (2)'. Latter contain 13 slides (6 and 7 respectively) 3¼-inch square glass lantern slides, the first a map and the rest photographs of Zanzibar, presumably by Mr Barwani, made for his lecture to the Ashmolean Natural History Society, Oxford, 1946. Together with a MS paper listing the slides.
Primary Inscriptions: Stamps and colour-printed paper covering on and inside lid of cigar box. Each card box bears Ilford printed label blacked out; stamp 'Ashmolean Nat. Hist. Soc. Museum, Oxford.'; and inscription 'Zanzibar (1) [and (2)] / Slides made for Mr. Barwani's lecture on February 28, 1946.'
Provenance: Ashmolean Natural History Society of Oxfordshire
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