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Chartometer, by Morris, Birmingham, Late 19th Century

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Inventory Number: 44455
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Place Created: Birmingham England United Kingdom Europe
Brief Description: Nickel plated instrument with pointer and wheel at base, with eight interchangeable card discs to give scales of 1 inch to 1, 2 and 4, 5 and 10, 7 and 11 miles; and 6 inches to 1 mile; 5 feet to 1 mile, 1/2500inches to 1 mile, and 1/500 ft to 1 mile. In leather case.
Primary Inscriptions: "CHARTOMETER MORRIS'S PATENT" [with coat of arms on top of leather case]; "THE MORRIS PATENTS ENGINEERING WORKS BIRMINGHAM" [on ring secured the cover glass on inside of lid]; "CHARTOMETER MORRIS'S PATENT / No. 774" [on face under card scales].
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Material(s): Nickel plated
paper and glass.


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