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Gregorian Reflecting Telescope with Case, by Benjamin Martin, London, c.1775

Inventory Number: 43377
Object Type: Object
Persons: Benjamin Martin
Date Created: c. 1775
Place Created: London England United Kingdom Europe
Brief Description: A copper alloy Gregorian reflecting telescope, the barrel of the telescope has two mill-edged screws to attach it to the tripod. The telescope has an objective lens cap which unscrews, and the eyepiece also unscrews. A mill edged screw near the eyepiece adjusts the focus. The tripod has scrolled legs and pivots horizontally as well as vertically. The instrument is housed in a hinged oak case with a lock mechanism and two swing clasp fastenings. Inside, there are wooden fittings lined with green fabric, two of the fittings are removable. On the inside of the lid is a sheet of printed instructions, headed "DIRECTIONS for the USE of REFLECTING TELESCOPES".
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