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Tray of Microscope Accessories

Inventory Number: 42523
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Brief Description: A wooden tray with a removable glass inset lid and lined with dark blue velvet on the base. The tray contains microscope accessories: a rectangular stage with a mill-edged screw at one corner and an aperture disc on the lower stage; a rectangular mirror hinged to a semi-circular collar; a rectangular lens in a metal frame; four spring stages, two of which are circular (one of the circular stages has a lens), the other two have a circular and square stage, one has stage clamps, the other a mill-edged screw; thirteen camera lucidas, two of which are in cylindrical mounts, three are attached to circular collars, five are mounted to caps, and three are fitted to triangular/cube mounts; a circular bubble level with a metal surround; two live boxes, each with rectangular apertures; a conical cap accessory with a flattened end, with a threaded inside; an attachment with an oval reflector attached to two long arms; a sliding ruler mounted on a square piece of wood, with a metal hinged bracket.

(.1: Stage; .2: Mirror on collar; .3: Rectangular lens; .4: 4x spring stage; .5: 13x camera lucida; .6: Bubble level; .7: 2x live boxes; .8: Cap accessory; .9: Reflector; .10: Sliding ruler; .11: Tray)
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Material(s): Copper alloy

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Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/42523