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Photograph (Albumen Print, Carte de Visite) of Alfred Tennyson, by Elliott & Fry, London, 1860s

Inventory Number: 36187
Object Type:
Place Created: London England United Kingdom Europe
Accession Number: 1949-10
Brief Description: Carte de visite (albumen print mounted on card) of Alfred Tennyson, head and shoulders, facing left in profile.
Primary Inscriptions: Printed photographer's details on front and back of mount. Identifying inscriptions, that on back in Richard nwards's hand.
Provenance: Presented by the Executors of G. H. Gabb in 1949. From the collection of Richard Inwards.
Collection Group: Gabb Collection
Material(s): Paper
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
104 62 mm


Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/36187