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Photograph (Daguerreotype), Image Indistinct, by Hugh Lee Pattinson, c.1845

preview image for Photograph (Daguerreotype), Image Indistinct, by Hugh Lee Pattinson, c.1845
Inventory Number: 27404
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Persons: Hugh Lee Pattinson (Photographer)
Date Created:
Accession Number: 1965-11
Brief Description: Daguerreotype. There are clear signs of an image, very probably a woman or woman and baby (as in some of the companion photographs), but precisely what it is cannot be discerned.
One of ten daguerreotypes that were in the original light-proof tin, in which they had been purchased before exposure; the tin (29300) also contained part of a price list (12020) of the supplier Egerton dated July 1845, which provides an approximate date for the images. They have been returned to the tin after exposure, development, and (presumably) fixing, but never mounted in protective enclosures or frames, as was normal with daguerreotypes and essential not just to their handling but to their chemical survival (as daguerreotypes are sensitive to exposure to the atmosphere, not just to exposure to light, and their surfaces are extremely delicate). They have thus both faded (all the images are faint, some barely discernable under normal viewing conditions) and sustained surface damage, varying from chemical eruptions and discoloration natural to the process to gross damage from rough handling (perhaps by children of the Pattinson and Newall families).
Provenance: Presented by R. S. Newall in 1965. Originally belonging to Hugh Lee Pattinson, the donor's great-grandfather.
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Material(s): Copper


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