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Empty Photograph Album for Cabinet Format Portraits, Mostly of Staff of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, Belonging to H. H. Turner, c.1894

Inventory Number: 13001
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Persons: Herbert Hall Turner (Owner)
Date Created: c. 1894
Brief Description: Album bound in full leather (worn), gold-tooled internal border, black and gold decorated endpapers, large steel or alloy clasp. No title except the album manufacturer's. Flyleaf + title page + 12 thick card leaves with apertures for cabinet format photographs + flyleaf. Apertures have arched tops and a fan-shaped revolving metal clasp at bottom for insertion or removal of photographs; in alternate openings they are surrounded by a gold decorative border.

The album is empty, but 16 of the pages have handwritten captions. A note in H. H. Turner's hand on the back of the title page explains: 'Most of these photographs were sent to the Treasurer of the R.A.S. Club for the Club Album: 1925 March'. The donation label recording its presentation to the University Observatory by Mrs Turner in 1931 has the added inscription: 'with the remaining photographs of Bryant, Crommelin, Airy, & .' [sic, perhaps implying an unidentified one]. The four portraits that remained in the album (and are now kept in University Observatory box 3) are 23234, 38728, 49808, 61072. One of the apertures is captioned by means of the subject's actual signature, 'Thomas Lewis | February 1894', which supplies an approximate date for the album consistent with Turner's move to Oxford in 1893 and Dyson's appointment in 1894. Its contents chiefly represented staff of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, and astronomers closely connected with Greenwich.

For fuller list of former contents see narratives.
Primary Inscriptions: Album manufacturer's title page 'Excelsior Album.'.
Provenance: Transferred from the University Observatory (Department of Astrophysics), Oxford. Given to the University Observatory by Mrs Turner in 1931, after her husband's death. Originally belonged to H. H. Turner, who was an assistant at Greenwich before he became professor in Oxford in 1893.
Collection Group: University Observatory Collection
Material(s): Card
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
308 245 65 mm


Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/13001