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Inventory no. 34871 - Former Display Label

c. 1847

Iron, brass, and steel. 275 x 217 x 150 mm. Signed on the hammer base 'JN° GILLETT BRAILES WARWICKSHIRE 201 PATENT'.

A spring-driven clock movement inside the iron case controls the rotation of the external drum, to which explosive caps are fitted. Periodically the hammer is released, firing the caps by impact. Such a device was among the inventions which John Gillett exhibited at the Royal Agricultural Show in Northampton in July 1847.
The patent of 1846 for Gillett's 'Self-acting Alarum Gun and Property Protector' reads as follows: 'This is a useful and ingeniously constructed article for the purpose of protecting Corn and newly-sown Seeds from the depredations of Birds and Game. By means of certain mechanical movements, twelve Barrels charged with gunpowder revolve on the face of the Machine, one of which is discharged every hour throughout the day, causing a report as loud as a Gun, without the slightest danger attending it, no shots being used and but a small quantity of powder; if wound up and charged in the morning, it may be hung on a tree or a post and will go the whole of the day without any further attention. Price complete at the Manufactory £3. 3s.'

Lent by D. Sizer Esq.

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