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Inventory no. 42351 - Former Display Label

first quarter of the 18th century

Gilt and silvered brass. Signed: 'Culpeper Londini'.

This type of sundial is, in principle, similar to the universal ring dial, but there is a semi-circular vertical plate instead of a meridian ring. This vertical plate fits into a groove in a second plate, and can be adjusted for the latitude. The hours are marked on the circular plate fixed at right angles to the meridian plate. The hour plate is inscribed 'Superieure' and 'Inferieure', and it is probably not the original. The base contains a magnetic compass, and there are three levelling screws and a plumb-bob.

Fixed under the base of the compass box is a perpetual calendar and almanac indicating the date, feast-days, dates of the entry of the sun into the divisions of the Zodiac, the length of day and night and the times of sun-rise and sun-set throughout the year.

[106 & 2463]
Lewis Evans Collection

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