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Inventory no. 45247 - Former Display Label

1663/4 A.D.

Brass, with inlaid silver 'stars'. Signed, 'Work of the least of the servants Diyâ' ad-dîn Muhammad b. Qâ'im Muhammad b. Mullâ 'Îsà b. Shaikh Ilâh-dâd the imperial (himâyûnî) astrolabist of Lahore, in the Hijrî year 1074 [= 1663/4 A.D.]'.

The usual great circles are marked; the ecliptic and equatorial circles are graduated. The constellations are represented pictorially and stars are marked by inlaid silver points.

The meridian circle supporting the globe is a replacement, but the stand is original.

From the Michel Collection

Billmeir Collection no. 25

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