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DR. GALL'S PHRENOLOGY PATCH BOX, French, 19th century, measuring 3-1/2" (9 cm) in diameter, of black enameled wood, the top applied with a wonderful printed depiction of "Système des Organes cérébreaux Par le Docteur Gall." Three views of the cranium are shown, labeled with 27 areas identified in the legend, in French (e.g., L'Amour phisique; Dispositions aux Mathematiques; Dispositions au Meurtre; Dispositions a la Pantomime; Distinctions des Couleurs; etc.).
Dr. Franz Joseph Gall (1758 - 1828), born in Tiefenbronn, Germany, is considered the founder of phrenology. He noted correlations between physiognomy and mental characteristics, and systematically researched the form and structure of the brain in question through dissection. He found, indeed, a strong correlation between skull shape and brain shape, and first lectured on the new subject in 1796.
A rare form of phrenology box, in good condition noting some tiny chips.

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