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Special Exhibition Label: 'Atmospheres: Investigating the Weather from Aristotle to Ozone' (19/10/2012 - 07/04/2013)

Catching the Wind

Both these German instruments carry a vane to indicate the direction of the wind.

The earlier and more complex instrument (in front) is an astronomical compendium of 1557, made by Christoph Schissler of Augsburg. It features many astronomical and time-telling devices. The wind vane is installed over an engraved map of central Europe, with a small rule to point out the direction between places.

On the left is a brass diptych sundial by Hans Georg Herttel, 1678. The engraving around the circle of compass directions shows winds blowing from clouds at the four cardinal directions. Look closely and you will see that rain is shown only coming from the north.

For the operation of the Herttel sundial, see the animation on your left.

[Inv 36175 & 33317]

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