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Inventory no. 36175 - Former Display Label


Gilt and silvered brass. Signed, ".CHRISTOPHORVS. .SCHISSLER. .ME. FECIT. .AVGVSTE. .VINDELICORVM. [i.e. at Augsburg]. ANNO. .DOMINI. 15. 57.".


1. A geographical astrolabe. There is a plate engraved with a projection of the Earth (from the North Pole to the Tropic of Capricorn) within a scale of longitudes. This plate moves over a scale of 24 hours. Above the plate are an index-arm and a rete representing the ecliptic only.

2. A map of Central Europe, with an index-arm for determining bearings of towns relative to each other.

3. A horizontal string-gnomon dial, adjustable for use in latitudes 42°-54°, with a compass. One end of the "string" [=cat-gut] of the gnomon is wound round a barrel containing a watch-spring which holds it taut.

4. A table of the latitudes of 42 places.

5. A lunar volvelle and aspectarium, together with scales giving the length of day and night and times of sunrise and sunset throughout the year. Inscribed, "EXTERIOR. LVCIS. SPATIVM. TIBI. DENOTAT. ORBIS. INTERIOR. SURGAT. RVTILANS. SOL. QVANDO. CADATVE:".

6. A nocturnal combined with a sundial incorporating a Roias projection. It is probable that the wind-vane originally belonged to another instrument.

[G. 368]
Lewis Evans Collection.

{note on back of label: "Illustrated in Gunther, 'Astrolabes of the World' plate CXI"}

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