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Inventory no. 54946 - Former Display Label

16th century

Gilt brass. Unsigned and undated.

Inside the cover is a horizontal dial with a silver gnomon (a replacement). The lower part of the instrument contains a compass, surrounded by a scale divided into twelve divisions each subdivided into ten parts; the twelve main divisions are numbered 1-12. The compass and the surrounding scale can be rotated.

On the cover are engraved a coat-of-arms and the name, "IOAN BAPTISTA NAVMAN", together with four symbolical pictures. Around the sides are the following inscriptions: "NICHTER KEIT IST EIN LERIN ALER GVETEN KVNST", and "DIE . VER . G{V} umlautNGERVNG DERMAS . STAB . VND . AVF STEIGVNG SHREG . AB . ZV . NEMEN."
From the Michel Collection.

Billmeir Collection no. 54

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