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Inventory no. 39935 - Former Display Label


Gilt brass and silvered copper; with original leather-covered pasteboard case. Signed, "VS" [i.e. Vlrich Schniep]; dated, "*1568*".

For latitude 48°. A levelling plummet (? a modern replacement) hangs in the hinged gnomon-support. Inside the cover is a rose of the winds (inscribed in German) with a rotating index; its outer scale indicates the type of weather conventionally associated with each of the eight classical winds. On top of the cover is engraved a picture of Venus standing on a sea-serpent; the bottom of the box is decorated with a strap-work pattern.

Ulrich Schniep (d. 1588) was born in Wiesensteig, and worked in Munich.

Billmeir Collection

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