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Inventory nos. 35351 and 47704 - Former Display Label

PEDOMETERS, Swiss & ?English
post 1882 & c.1871

A pedometer measures the distance walked when it is attached to a belt or pocket. The operative mechanism consists of a brass hammer-shaped rocking arm, which moves forward by inertia at each step, so turning by one increment a toothed wheel. Thus the hands over the dial register distance once the personal equation adjustment has been made.

The pedometer on the left is marked in yards up to one mile, with the small dial counting revolutions (miles) of the large hand. The movement has a trademark, a winged wheel, with the initials FWR. The silver case is marked J. L.;0.935; and has three Swiss silver marks (the bear) in use from 1882 to 1934.

The pedometer on the right is signed on the face 'APPS 433 STRAND LONDON'. The silver case is hall marked in London with the date letter for 1871. The dial is marked to XII miles as in a watch, with quarter mile divisions.

The Swiss pedometer belonged to Major-General Sir Edmund DuCane, K.C.B., R.E. (1830-1903). Both pedometers were presented by his grandson.

76-12 (Swiss)
76-11 (?English)
Presented by A. W. Pullan Esq.

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