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Inventory no. 52554 - Former Display Label

French 'BLOUD' (magnetic azimuth) DIAL

Ivory and silver; the compass-card printed from an engraved plate and coloured with water-colour. Signed, 'Charles Bloud ADieppe"; undated.

Includes: 1a. Universal equinoctial dial. 1b. The southern half of the equinoctial dial, within which is a simple lunar volvelle for converting readings taken by moonlight to solar time. 2a. 'Bloud' dial, and string-gnomon for horizontal dial, but there is no hour-scale for such a dial. 2. Rotating calendar scale for setting 'Bloud' dial. The original silver gnomon for the equinoctial dial, survives and is stored in a compartment in the lower leaf. Between the points of the compass on the compass-card are the names of sixteen towns with their latitudes. Within the hour-scale of the equinoctial dial on the upper leaf is engraved a coat-of-arms. The ivory leaves are decoratively engraved, and mottled red on their inner faces.

Billmeir Collection

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