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Inventory no. 53637 - Former Display Label

Indo-Persian (Mughal) ASTROLABE
A.H. 1069 = A.D. 1658/9

Signed, within the shadow-square, 'work of the least of the servants Diya al-din ibn Qaim Muhammad ibn Mulla Isa ibn Shaikh Allah-dad Humayun's astrolabist of Lahore in the Hijri year 1069'. Brass. Diam.: 177 mm.

Rete for 57 stars. 5 plates, for latitudes 18°, 22°; 25°, 27°; 29°, 32°; 33°, and 35°; tablet of horizons of eastern type and tablet of ecliptical co-ordinates. The azimuths are drawn below the horizon, and there are lines representing Babylonian hours (and on one plate Italian hours also), in addition to the usual unequal hour-lines. In the mater is engraved a gazetteer of the longitude and latitude of 89 places, arranged according to 'climate'. On the back are a sine-cosine quadrant; the arcs of the signs of the zodiac with graphs of the relation between the sun's right ascension and meridian altitude for latitudes 27°, 29°, and 32°; cotangent scales; an astrological table of the signs of the zodiac, the 28 mansions of the moon and the limits and faces of the planets; and a shadow-square within which are a table of astrological triplicities and a table of multiples of differences between the approximately correct length of the tropical year and 365 days. The alidade is engraved with a declination scale corresponding to the arcs of the signs of the zodiac, another declination scale divided in degrees, and a scale of unequal hours.

Lewis Evans Collection

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