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Inventory no. 49296 - Former Display Label


Signed, on the back "GEORGIUS HARTMAN[N] NOREMBERGE FACIEBAT ANNO M D XXXXII"; the original engraved plate from which this part of the instrument was printed may have been made earlier (? 1531), because the end of the date (... XII) seems to have been added to the plate, obliterating some other numerals. Hartmann made many of these astrolabes (two similar ones, dated 1532 and 1537, are in the British Museum) and presumably changed the date when necessary. Wood and pasteboard, with brass ring, alidade, etc. 3 plates, for latitudes 39°, 42°, 45°, 48°, 51° and 54°. The rete is made for 27 stars.

On the back may be seen the alidade and original rose-headed pin. The design of the back includes a scale of degrees, zodiac/calendar scale and a shadow square. Above the shadow square is an unequal hour diagram.

The arms in the shadow square are those of Nuremberg and the imperial eagle appears in the centre of the diagram of unequal hours.

The name of a former owner, "leonardi a bottalis a[s]tensis" is written in ink on the edge. This is, presumably, Leonardo Botalli of Asti (Botallus), a writer on medical subjects, and physician to Charles IX and Henri III of France.

[IC 263]
Lewis Evans Collection

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