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Inventory no. 45365 - Former Display Label

31 ?Flemish ASTROLABE post 1582

Not signed or dated. Brass. Diam.;281mm.
Ret for 48 stars. THe pattern of the tracery of the rrete is similar to that found
on astrolabes from the Arsenius workshop in Louvain (cf.astrolabe no.28).
3 plates, for latitudes 42°, 43°, 44°, 45°, 46° and 48°, engraved with almu-
cantars for every degree. The mater is engraved with a quadratum nauticum.
The back of the instrument is engraved with the usual zodiac/calendar scale(0^o Aries =
21 March [i.e. Gregorian]; concentric type), and with a shadow-square; There is
also a scale for the conversion of equal and unequal hours. Details of the engraving
suggest that this instrument may be quite recent.
From the Sestieri Collection, Rome. Formerly in the possession of the Guinigi
family of Lucca.

Purchased in 1952

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