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Inventory no. 38642 - Former Display Label

German ASTROLABE, which belonged to Archbishop Laud

Signed, on the back "GEORGIVS HARTMANN NOREMBERGE FECIT. ANNO M D XXVII". Brass. Diam.: 163 mm.

3 plates, for latitudes 39°, 42°, 45°, 49° (Nuremberg), 51° and 54°. The back is engraved with a zodiac/calendar scale (0° Aries = 101/2 March; concentric type), a shadow-square and an unequal-hour diagram. The rete, alidade, pin, and wedge are missing.

Within the unequal-hour diagram on the back is a shield of the arms of the see of Canterbury impaling those of Archbishop William Laud (1573-1645). Another astrolabe which belonged to Laud is shown opposite, among the Islamic astrolabes.

The black colour of the astrolabe is the result of atmospheric conditions (?gas-lit room in the 19th century); the white is a removable substance recently added to assist photography.

[IC 258]
Lent by St. John's College

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