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Notes from demonstration by Dr P. Beckett, Dept. of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford

Notes from the demonstration of two devices offered by Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford, 2 December 2003, arranged by Dr. P Beckett.

1. Sketchmaster, by Carl Zeiss, c.1950s?
Facilitates two things:
(a) the copying of aerial photographs onto flat maps
(b) stereoimaging from 2/3 overlap aerial photographs

(a) Using a split prism, the horizontal map and suspended angled photograph can be optically overlain, allowing features to be traced from one to the other. The photograph is fitted onto a plate with a ball and socket joint, allowing the distortions of the aerial photograph to be corrected when it is lined up with the map.

(b) Using the split prism with two aerial photographs that have 2/3 overlap, a stereoimage can be created. This assists greatly with terrain identification, and woodland type identification.

2. Radial Line Plotter, Hilger and Watts, c. 1959

Allows maps from the same flightpath to be overlain as stereo images. Features can then be traced from the maps from the stereo imagery. Also allow contours to be mapped.

3. Casella Stereoscope, Mid 20th Century?

Eyepiece lenses in frame, raised on a stand. To be used on a table surface to allow stereo viewing of overlain aerial photographs.

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