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Inventory no. 33859 - Former Display Label


Wood. Inscribed with the customer's name, "Thos. Wood Lamb & Flag Inn St. Giles's, Oxford" and the date "1873".

On a piece of paper glued to the tally is written, "This Tally is at the present time in use at Messrs Hall & Cos'. Swan Brewery, Oxford. The plan is to cut right across the two pieces of wood, certain notches which represent, the size of the cask, and the quality of Beer delivered to customer, the notches on each piece of wood corresponding. The shorter piece the customer keeps, and the Brewer the other. When the customer settles his Beer account the two pieces of wood are put together to see that the notches correspond. The last notches cut on the Brewer's part of the Tally are inked when a delivery has been entered in the Day Book."

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