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Inventory no. 36545 - Former Display Label

German NOCTURNAL and HORIZONTAL DIAL from an astronomical compendium.


Gilt brass. Signed, ".G. .K.B."; dated, ".15. .87.".

Part of the arm of the nocturnal is missing. The hour-ring is supported by a tracery of seven arms, each of which bears an index. The indices show on scales engraved on the main plate, the length of the night, the length of the day, the degree of the Zodiac, the day of the month, the season, the time of sunset, and the time of sunrise.

On the back of the main plate is a horizontal dial with a gnomon adjustable for latitudes 45°, 48°, 51° & 54°, and a compass the needle and cover of which are missing.

A place where a hinge was attached, and a catch indicate that this instrument once formed the cover of an astronomical compendium.

From the Michel Collection.

Billmeir Collection no. 119.

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