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Inventory no. 44721 - Former Display Label

Late 16th or early 17th century

Brass. Signed, "Michel Coignet f'"; undated. On the back of the instrument is a sundial of the Geminus or Rojas type.

Michael Coignet (1549-1623) was an instrument-maker of Antwerp, who began his career as a schoolmaster, studied mathematics, surveying, clock-making and the construction of scientific instruments, and later became mathematician to the court of the Regent of the Spanish Netherlands. He wrote various books including an Epitome du theatre du monde d'Ortelius. It is possible that there is some relationship between Coignet and Egidius Cuiniet who made a geographical astrolabe which is shown in the astrolabe case.

[G. 78]
Lewis Evans Collection

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