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Inventory no. 36524 - Former Display Label

Early 18th century

Silver, steel and brass, in silver-mounted case covered with leather. The sector is signed, "R. Glynne Fecit"; undated.
Includes: a parallel rule, on the back of which are engraved scales marked "Sin[es]", "Cho[rds]", "Sec[ants]:", "Tan[gents]", and "Hou[rs]"; a sector, with scales of "Hours", "In: M[eridian]", "T[angents]", "Cho[rds]", "S[ines]", "L[ines]" and "Lat[itudes]" and inches and with a curved cross-arm graduated in degrees; a pair of dividers with a detachable point; a pencil-holder, a pen and dotting points for converting the dividers for use as compasses; a pencil-holder; a drawing-pen and stylus; etc.
On each side of the case is an oval plaque on which is engraved a crest (a coronet surmounted by a wyvern).

Lewis Evans Collection

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