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Inventory no. 47897 - Former Display Label

German WATER-LEVEL and TRIPOD Late 16th century
Gilt brass; the tripod is of ebony & gilt brass with steel tips to the
feet. Signed, "Fecit E:habermel."; undated.
Although the water-level was invented in antiquity, this is one of
the earliest water-levels known. Inside and below the sights at each
end of the level are engraved short graduated scales which enable
the user of the instrument to determine whether the water, placed in
the V - shaped trough, is of equal depth at either end. The angle of
the level is adjusted by turning the crank which moves the toothed
The tripod is shown below. There are two gilt brass rings which
slip over the legs and keep the tripod firmly closed for transport.
From the Michel Collection.
[57-84/123] Billmeir Collection no. 123

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