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Inventory no. 50889 - Former Display Label


Brass. Signed, "TOBIAS VOLCKMER BRAVNSWEIGENSIS. SERENI: DVCIS BAVARORVM etc.: Mathe: & aurifaber faciebat. anno 1612.".

Includes: 1. A pair of sights, moveable in the vertical plane;
2. A compass-rose divided in degrees and in 'hours', subdivided with transversals (a compass needle and cover appear to be missing);
3. Two calibrated rules, one of which is equipped with sights, which can move over a quadrant of degrees within which is a sine and cosine diagram;
4. A straight-edge calibrated with inches of the Munich and Brunswick foot;
5. A comparative table, entitled, "HALBER WERCKSCVECH ETLICHER STEDTE.", showing six inches of the foot-measures of Strasburg, Munich & Brunswick, Nuremberg, Salzburg, Regensburg & Augsburg, Vienna, Landshut, and Paris, Venice & Innsbruck.

Lewis Evans Collection.

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