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Inventory no. 71930 - Former Display Label


Ivory, gilt brass, etc. Signed, "HANNS TROSCHEL NORIBERGA FACIEBAT 1618", with his mark, "* * *".

Includes: 1. Wind-rose (vane missing), compass viewing-hole, and polar dial; inscribed, "MONSTRO VIAM PERGE SECVRVS" and, "* TEMPVS SVMPTVS EST PRECIOSSISSIMVS *"; 2. Vertical pin-gnomon dial for ordinary hours, showing the length of the day and the Sun's declination, vertical pin-gnomon dials for planetary, Babylonian and Italian hours, and table of latitudes inscribed, "TEMPORE OMNIA MVTANTVR", and "NIHIL EST FVGAVIVS TEMPORE."; 3. Horizontal string-gnomon dial adjustable for latitudes 45°, 48°, 51°, 54° & 57°, horizontal dial using the upper leaf as its gnomon, horizontal pin-gnomon dial for Italian and Babylonian hours showing the Sun's declination, and compass; 4. Combined lunar volvelle, aspectarium, and table of Julian and Gregorian epacts, and a planetary showing the planet ruling over each hour of the week.

[G. 248]
Lewis Evans Collection.

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