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Snuff Box Depicting Sir John Herschel, German, c.1835

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Inventory number: 25152
Object type:snuff box
Creator name: John Herschel
Creation date: c. 1835
Creation place:Germany, Europe

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Accession number:1952-88
Brief description:

Papier mâché circular snuff-box bearing a cartoon of Sir John Herschel investigating the moon, in gold and black. The order of the German and French captions and the use of nouveaux for nouvelles indicate that this was probably German in origin.
Probably made in 1835 when Herschel's work at Feldhausen, South Africa, was being satirised by R. A. Locke in the New York Sun.

Primary inscriptions:Caption to image: "Dr John Herschels neueste Entdeckungen / in der Mondwelt / [rule] / Les plus nouveaux découvertes au monde de la lune / par Dr Jean Herschel"
Provenance:Lent by the Royal Astronomical Society. Given to the RAS by Sir Eric Miller, 1952.
Material: Papier mâché



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