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Print (Engraving) of the Annular Solar Eclipse of 1 April, 1764, by Joseph Betts, engraved by Cole, Oxford, c. 1764

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Inventory number: 27158
Object type:print
Creator name: Joseph Betts
Creation date: c.1764
Creation place:

Brief description:

Title, map in border of latitude and longitude showing passage of shadow over England, and engraved text with details of times and places.

Primary inscriptions:Title: "A Description of the Path of the Annulus over part of this Island / in the Solar Eclipse April 1st 1764." Dedication: "To the Right Honourable / THE EARL of LITCHFIELD Chan.r of the University of Oxford, / THE EARL of HALIFAX one of ye Principal Secretaries of State, / THE EARL OF BUTE; / THIS PLATE / In Gratitude for their Countenance & Support / At the late Election of a Savilian Professor of Astronomy / Is dutifully Inscribed, / By their obliged humble Servant / Jo. Betts M.A. / Fellow of University College / in Oxford." Bottom left corner of map: "Cole Oxon sc."
Provenance:Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford
Material: Paper
Impression area300251mm



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