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8. Large Single Gas Cylinder Haldane Apparatus with Flow Valve9. Haldane Apparatus of Wooden Stand Supporting Glass Tubing and...10. Haldane Apparatus of Wooden Stand Supporting Glass Tubing...11. Haldane Glass (Diabetes) Hydrometer in Wooden Case12. Haldane Glass Flow Meter in Case with Glass Cover13. Haldane Coloured Beads14. Granite Dust in Envelope (Haldane Apparatus)15. Haldane Thermometer (broken) in Case16. Tin Box with Paraffin Wax17. Watch-Shaped Calculator Associated with J. S. Haldane, ?Early...18. Haldane Osram Carbon Filament Lamp19. Small Stoppered Glass Bottle20. Small Stoppered Glass Bottle21. Small Stoppered Glass Bottle22. Glass Haldane Apparatus On Oak Board23. Black Damp/Oxygen Metal Gauge in Tin Tube (Haldane Apparatus)24. Long-Necked Glass Vessel (Haldane Apparatus)25. Glass Plate with Triangle of Different Colours (Haldane Apparatus)