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13. Simple Microscope, by Andrew Pritchard, London, c. 1835 14. Microscope Object Lens, by A. Pritchard, London, 19th Century 15. Case and Accessories for Microscope, by Pritchard 16. Microscope Micrometer Live Box in Case, by Pritchard, London,... 17. Microscope Slides with Case, by Pritchard, London, Late 19th... 18. Case for Microscope Slides, by Pritchard, London, Late 19th... 19. Set of Four High Power Microscope Lenses with Case, by Pritchard,... 20. High Power Lenses and Vial for Pritchard's Vial Microscope... 21. Jewel-Lens Microscope with Accesories and Case, by Andrew Pritchard,... 22. Microscope Object Lens, by Andrew Pritchard, London, 1837 23. Microscope Live Box with Micrometer Scale in Box, by Andrew... 24. Wollaston Type Simple Microscope, by A. Pritchard, London,... 25. Eyepiece for Wollaston Type Simple Microscope, by A. Pritchard,...