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11. Variable Prism Stereoscope, by Hamblin, London, Early 20th...12. Photograph (Collodion Lantern Slide) of Theodore Brown and...13. Ophthalmoscope in Case, by Theodore Hamblin Ltd., London,...14. Cog Wheel15. Photograph Album of Personal, Family, and Travel Photographs,...16. Photograph Album of Personal and Family Photographs, Compiled...17. Photograph Album of a Journey to Lake Urmi, Persia, via Russia,...18. Scrapbook of Robert T. Gunther, Mostly 1880s and 1890s19. Photograph (Platinum Print) of T. W. Richards and his Colleagues...20. Scrapbook on Sundials Compiled by Lewis Evans and R. T. Gunther,...21. Scrapbook on Astronomy, Compiled by R. T. Gunther, 1880s-190522. Scrapbook of Newspaper Cuttings, Volume 1, Compiled by R. T....23. Scrapbook of Newspaper Cuttings, Volume 2, Compiled by R. T....24. Scrapbook of Newspaper Cuttings, Volume 3, Compiled by R. T....25. Scrapbook Entitled 'Album of Printed Matter', Volume 1, Compiled...