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1. Print (Engraving) David Brewster, engraved by F. Croll, 19th... 2. Print (Lithograph) of Peter Barlow, by Thales Fielding, Printed... 3. Print (Line Engraving) of George Bidder of Devonshire, painted... 4. Print (Engraving, Framed) of William Dugdale, by Wenceslaus... 5. Print (Engraving) of Robert Boyle, by R. Woodman, published... 6. Print (Engraving) Robert Boyle, by H. Meyer after J. Kersseboom,... 7. Print (Engraving) Robert Boyle engraved by Diodati, 18th Century 8. Print (Engraving) Prosper Alpinus 9. Print (Engraving) of Richard Arkwright, by J. Jenkins from... 10. Print (Etching) of Thomas Allen, by J. Bretherton, England,... 11. Print (Engraving) Thomas Allen, engraved by J. Bretherton 12. Print (Etching) of Thomas Allen, by J. Bretherton, England,... 13. Print (Engraving) Elias Allen, 19th Century 14. Print (Engraving) Elizabeth Alexander, published by William... 15. Print (Line Engraving) Ulysse Aldrovandi, by De L'armessin,... 16. Print (Engraving) of Henricus Aldrich, by Heath after G. Kneller,... 17. Print (Engraving) of Michel-Eugène Chevreul, by C. Cook after... 18. Stereoscopic Photograph (Daguerreotype) of Scientific Apparatus,... 19. Photograph (Daguerreotype) of Sir George Everest and Two Other... 20. Print (Engraving, Framed) of a Bust of Elias Ashmole, by or... 21. Print (?Engraving, Coloured), 'Spy' Cartoon of Frank Crisp,... 22. Print (Engraving, Framed) of Friedrich (Fredrick) Accum with... 23. Colour Photograph (Omnicolore) of an Interior of her House... 24. Photograph (Daguerreotype) of a Woman Holding a Sleeping Baby,... 25. Photograph (Albumen Print) of William Horsell, by Maull & Polyblank,...