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1. Mechanical Equinoctial Dial, by William Deane, London, c. 1725 2. Equinoctial Ring Dial with Quadrant, by Gilbert & Gilkerson,... 3. Equinoctial Ring Dial with Quadrant, by Benjamin Martin, London,... 4. Equinoctial Ring Dial with Quadrant, by Walter Hayes, London,... 5. Equinoctial Ring Dial with Quadrant, by Hilkiah Bedford, London,... 6. Equinoctial Ring Dial, by Ralph Greatorex, London, c. 1660 7. Equinoctial Ring Dial, by Elias Allen, London, First Half of... 8. Diptych Dial, by Hans Tucher, Nuremberg, 1567 9. Photograph (Platinum Print, Cabinet Format) of John Collier's... 10. Photograph (Albumen Print, Carte de Visite) of G. G. Stokes... 11. Photograph (Albumen Print) of William Horsell, by Maull & Polyblank,... 12. Photograph (Platinum Print, Cabinet Format) of Augustus Stroh,... 13. Selenographia Moon Globe, by John Russell, London, 1797 14. Hyperbolic Curves Template, by Nairne & Blunt, London, c. 1760 15. Divided Object-Glass Micrometer with Case, by Dollond, London,... 16. Reflecting Circle, by Troughton & Simms, London, Mid-19th Century 17. Case for Compound, Simple & Solar Microscope, by Francis Watkins,... 18. Six-Prism Spectroscope, by John Browning, London, c. 1880 19. Case for Veterinary Fleams, by Boyce, London, c. 1755 20. Parts of Difference Engine, by Charles Babbage, c. 1822-30 21. Compound Microscope with Accessories and Case, Possibly by... 22. Rotating Multiple Stamp Holder and Stamp, by E.M.R., London,... 23. Recording Amps and Voltmeter, by Elliott Brothers (London)... 24. Marconi Ladies' Silver Pocket Scent Bottle and Stopper, by... 25. Manually Regulated Arc Light and Case, by Samuel Highley, London,...