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1. Photograph (Albumen Print, Carte de Visite) of G. G. Stokes... 2. Corn Balance, or Grain and Seed Meter, by Stanley, London,... 3. Photograph (Albumen Print) of William Horsell, by Maull & Polyblank,... 4. Photograph (Platinum Print, Cabinet Format) of Augustus Stroh,... 5. Selenographia Moon Globe, by John Russell, London, 1797 6. Case for Orrery, by Thomas Tompion and George Graham, London,... 7. Hyperbolic Curves Template, by Nairne & Blunt, London, c. 1760 8. Divided Object-Glass Micrometer with Case, by Dollond, London,... 9. Reflecting Circle, by Troughton & Simms, London, Mid-19th Century 10. Case for Compound, Simple & Solar Microscope, by Francis Watkins,... 11. Cuff-Type Microscope with Screw-Barrel Microscope and Accessories,... 12. Compound Microscope, by Andrew Ross, London, c. 1835 13. Monocular Compound Microscope, Accessories and Case 14. Six-Prism Spectroscope, by John Browning, London, c. 1880 15. Case for Veterinary Fleams, by Boyce, London, c. 1755 16. Parts of Difference Engine, by Charles Babbage, c. 1822-30 17. Miniature Altazimuth Instrument, with Case and Accessories... 18. Compound Microscope with Accessories and Case, Possibly by... 19. Rotating Multiple Stamp Holder and Stamp, by E.M.R., London,... 20. Speedometer and Odometer,with accessories by Elliott Brothers,... 21. Marconi Ladies' Silver Pocket Scent Bottle and Stopper, by... 22. Sector, by William Elliott, London, 1830s or 1840s 23. 12 Volt Fleming Valve, by Ediswan, London, c. 1905 24. 4 Volt Fleming Valve, by Royal Ediswan, London, c. 1905 25. Manually Regulated Arc Light and Case, by Samuel Highley, London,...