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8. Mounted Potassium Ferrocyanide Crystal, associated with H.G.J....9. Trolley by H.G.J. Moseley, Manchester/Oxford, c.191310. Main X-Ray Tube and Trolley Bobbin Tube, by H.G.J. Moseley,...11. Spare Tube with Trolley Bobbin, by H.G.J. Moseley, Manchester/Oxford,...12. Trolley Apparatus for Target Samples, by H.G.J. Moseley, Manchester/Oxford,...13. Spare Tube Apparatus with Trolley Bobbin, by H.G.J. Moseley,...14. Copper Tube Sealed with Goldbeater's Skin, by H.G.J. Moseley,...15. Lead Collimator Slit, by H.G.J. Moseley?, Manchester/Oxford...16. Photographic Plate Holder, associated with H.G.J. Moseley?,...17. Thermometers and Spectra Glass Plates, by H.G.J. Moseley, Manchester/Oxford,...18. Tin of Elements, associated with H.G.J. Moseley?, Manchester/Oxford,...19. Collection of Apparatus and Chemical Samples associated with...20. Devarda's Alloy (Cu, Al, Zn), associated with H.G.J. Moseley,...21. Mounted Potassium Ferrocyanide Crystal, associated with H.G.J....22. Apparatus Diagram for Philisophical Magazine Article April...23. First X-Ray Tube on Stand, by H.G.J. Moseley?, Manchester/Oxford,...24. Spare X-Ray Tubes, by H.G.J. Moseley?, Manchester/Oxford, c.191325. Unmounted Potassium Ferrocyanide Crystal, by H.G.J. Moseley,...