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1. 20-Band Microscope Test Plate and Case, by F.A. Nobert, Barth,... 2. Equinoctial Dial, Made for George Philip & Son, German, c.... 3. Box Of Capacitors, English and Germany, 1930s 4. Slide Rule, by A. W. Faber/Faber-Castell, Germany, 1961 5. Supplementary Camera Lens, by Voigtländer, German, 1930s 6. Distance Finder Camera Accessory, by Leitz, Wetzlar, c. 1950 7. Print (Lithograph) A Mansen. by J. Haller (after a photograph).... 8. Print (Engraving) Genesis Cap. I. V. 20 Opus quintae Diei Funfftes... 9. Print (Engraving) Sundial, Engraved by Ioha. Bossema, Germany,... 10. Print (Engraving) Sundial, Published by Paulus Fürst, Germany,... 11. Print (Engraving) Sundial, Germany, 17th Century 12. Print (Engraving) Sundial. After Bergmüller, Engraved by A.... 13. Print (Engraving) Paper Sundial, Germany, 17th Century 14. Print (Engraving) Portable sundial, by Georg Brentel, Lauingen,... 15. Print (Engraving) Illustration of a Sundial, Germany, 17th... 16. Print (Engraving) Occidentale Nro: 5, Illustration of a Sundial,... 17. Print (Reproduction of Engraving) Mining and Traveller's Theodolite,... 18. Print (Reproduction of Engraving) Orientation-Instrument, in... 19. Print (Broadside) A List of the Royal Society, 1758 20. Print. Leaf from magazine, advertising optical instruments... 21. Print (Offset lithograph) Liebig's restored Laboratory, Gissen,... 22. Celestial Table Globe, by Johannes Schöner, Nuremberg, Germany,... 23. Print (Engraving) Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford, by... 24. Globe Clock and Sundial, Dial by Ulrich Schniep, French and... 25. Print of Five Solar Eclipse Paths across North Western Europe,...