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1. Print (Engraving): Astronomical Commemoration of the Coronation...2. Print (Etching, Engraving) Founding of the Paris observatory...3. Print (Ephemera) Cardboard packaging box depicting astrolabe,...4. Envelope for a Praxinoscope, France, c. 18775. Filoscope Magazine Flip Book, by Henry W. Short, London, c.19006. Praxinoscope, by Emile Reynaud, France, c.18777. Reproduction of a Painting Thought to be a Portrait of Samuel...8. Early Coherer, French, c. 18999. Dario Radio Valve Micro Special, by Dario, French, Mid 20th...10. Tungsram Radio Valve Type P43t-38 With Carton, by Tungsram,...11. Memory Drum, by Crouzet, French, c. 196712. Print (Engraving) of Giambattista della Porta by Nicolas de...13. Print (Line Engraving) Theodore de Mayerne, by W. Elder, 17th...14. Photograph (Albumen Print, Carte de Visite) of a Printed Portrait...15. Print (Line Engraving) Ulysse Aldrovandi, by De L'armessin,...16. Clinometer Gun Sight, by Siemens Brothers, London, 191617. Gunnery Range Indicator, by ?T. H. B., English, 191518. Photograph (Daguerreotype) of an Engraving, French, 1840s19. X-Ray Photograph of a Human Hand with Wrist Injury, by H. J....20. 'Stabifocal' Compound Microscope, by Marcel Locquin, Paris,...21. Print of Five Solar Eclipse Paths across North Western Europe,...22. Crucifix Dial, French, 159223. Bloud-Type Magnetic Azimuth Dial, Dieppe? France, Late 17th...24. Bloud-Type Magnetic Azimuth Dial, Dieppe? France, c. 166025. Astrolabe and Equatorium, Southern France or Northern Italy,...