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1. Print (Engraving) Ivory Sceptre, From Plumier's L'Art de Tourner,... 2. Print (Engraving) Example of Ornamental Turning, from Plumier's... 3. Pamphlet. Vrai System du Monde par Demonville. 3 Pamphlets,... 4. Print (Engraving) Nicolaus Kratzer, by Th√©venin, after drawing... 5. Print (Lithograph) Pierre-Simon Laplace, by Delpech after drawing... 6. Print (Engraving) √Čtienne Jehannot de Bartillat, by Robert... 7. Print (Engraving) Plate from 'Mem de L'Acad des Sc. An. 1790.... 8. Print (Engraving), 'Le Bassin' engraved by R. Nanteuil, France,... 9. Print (Etching,Engraving) of Strasbourg Cathedral Astronomical... 10. Print (Engraving): Astronomical Commemoration of the Coronation... 11. Print (Etching, Engraving) Founding of the Paris observatory... 12. Print (Ephemera) Cardboard packaging box depicting astrolabe,... 13. Envelope for a Praxinoscope, France, c. 1877 14. Reproduction of a Painting Thought to be a Portrait of Samuel... 15. Dario Radio Valve Micro Special, by Dario, French, Mid 20th... 16. Memory Drum, by Crouzet, French, c. 1967 17. Print (Engraving) of Giambattista della Porta by Nicolas de... 18. Print (Line Engraving) Theodore de Mayerne, by W. Elder, 17th... 19. Photograph (Albumen Print, Carte de Visite) of a Printed Portrait... 20. Print (Line Engraving) Ulysse Aldrovandi, by De L'armessin,... 21. Photograph (Daguerreotype) of an Engraving, French, 1840s 22. X-Ray Photograph of a Human Hand with Wrist Injury, by H. J.... 23. Print of Five Solar Eclipse Paths across North Western Europe,... 24. Crucifix Dial, French, 1592 25. Astrolabe and Equatorium, Southern France or Northern Italy,...