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1. Theodolite, by Cooke Tavistock, Vickers Instruments, Late 20th...

2. Surveyor's Steel 30-metre Tape, by Rabone Chesterman, 20th Century

3. Illuminating Magnifier, by Enbeeco Scientific Instruments, English,...

4. Chest of Mineral Samples

5. Electric Toaster, by Hotpoint, 20th Century

6. Brownie Six-20 Model D Camera, by Kodak, English

7. Bubble Level, by J. Rabone & Sons, English, Early 20th Century?

8. Slide Rule, by A.G. Thornton Ltd, English, mid-20th Century

9. Safety Razor Stropping Machine, by Kampfe Bros, English, c. 1899

10. Gould-type Microscope, England, c. 1825-50

11. Stereoscopic Photograph (Albumen Prints) of a Riverside Scene...

12. Test Element, by Electroflo Meters Co. Ltd., London, c.1960

13. Set Square, by Simplon, English, c. 1960

14. Circular Protractor, by Simplon, English, c. 1960

15. Set Square, by Simplon, English, c. 1960

16. Horn Loudspeaker, English, c. 1924

17. Wood-Framed Lantern Slide: Map of England with Slider Marked...

18. Removable cylinder section of Electrometer, by Cambridge Scientific...

19. Twin Plate Wimshurst Electrostatic Machine by Philip Harris &...

20. Quadrant Lindemann Pattern Electrometer, by Cambridge Instrument...

21. Reflecting Mirror Pattern Moving Coil Galvanometer, by Cambridge...

22. Charcoal Furnace, by I. Morgan, English, Mid-19th Century

23. Hardometer by Firth Browns Tools Ltd., Sheffield, 20th Century

24. Comparator, by Lovibond, Salisbury, 1950s

25. Knitting Needle Gauge, by Woodfields, Redditch, Mid-20th Century

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