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1. 'Unique' Five-Ten Straight Slide Rule, by Unique, English,...2. Pocket Nephoscope, England?, Early 20th Century3. Glass Specimen or PreparationTubes for a Microscope, England,...4. Bubble Level, by J. Rabone & Sons, English, Early 20th Century?5. Illuminating Magnifier, by Enbeeco Scientific Instruments,...6. Field's Parallel Ruler, by W. F. Stanley, London, Late 19th...7. Centergraph Drawing Instrument, by H. E. Ablett, London, Early...8. "Multodisks" for Bacterial Sensitivity Testing in Case, by...9. Wet and Dry Bulb Hygrometer, by G. H. Zeal, London, c.193010. Davy Miner's Lamp, Signed R.Watson, England, Early 19th Century11. Charcoal Furnace, by I. Morgan, English, Mid-19th Century12. Print of Five Solar Eclipse Paths across North Western Europe,...13. Print (Engraving) of the Annular Solar Eclipse of 1 April,...14. Three Phenakistiscope Discs, England, Mid 19th Century15. Glass Enema in Box, by Ingrams, London, 1920s ?16. Specimen of Fibrous DNA Prepared by Professor J. M. Gulland,...17. Binocular Microscope in Case, by Cooke, Troughton & Simms,...18. Equinoctial Ring Dial with Quadrant, by John England, London,...19. Slide Rule, by A.G. Thornton Ltd, English, Mid-20th Century20. Slide Rule, by W. F. Stanley, London, c. 192021. Cambridge Hand-Held Electronic Calculator, by Sinclair, English,...22. Medical Sledge-type Induction Coil23. Marconi Radio Valve Type MT1, by Marconi Company, London, Early...24. Giant Radio Valve, by GEC, English, 1910s25. Mark IIb Radiosonde, by Whiteley Electrical Radio Co Ltd, English,...