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1. Electric Recording Drum or Kymograph, by C. F. Palmer, London,... 2. Event Recorder, by BRD Ltd., English, 1970 3. Mathematical Aide-Mémoire, English, c. 1665 4. Print (Engraving) Alexander Ross, engraved by Lombart, London,... 5. Print (Line Engraving) Theodore de Mayerne, by W. Elder, 17th... 6. Drawing of Albert Einstein, by Jacob Kramer, Oxford, Probably... 7. Postcard (?Collotype) of 'Apprentices at Shakespeare's England',... 8. Print (Etching) of Thomas Allen, by J. Bretherton, England,... 9. Print (Etching) of Thomas Allen, by J. Bretherton, England,... 10. Print (Engraving) Elizabeth Alexander, published by William... 11. Field's Parallel Ruler, by W. F. Stanley, London, Late 19th... 12. "Multodisks" for Bacterial Sensitivity Testing in Case, by... 13. Davy Miner's Lamp, Signed R.Watson, England, Early 19th Century 14. Charcoal Furnace, by I. Morgan, English, Mid-19th Century 15. Radio Crystal, by Sylvex Ltd, London, 1920s 16. Print of Five Solar Eclipse Paths across North Western Europe,... 17. Print (Engraving) of the Annular Solar Eclipse of 1 April,... 18. Three Phenakistiscope Discs, England, Mid 19th Century 19. Induction Coil, by C.F. Palmer, London, c.1950 20. Glass Enema in Box, by Ingrams, London, 1920s ? 21. Binocular Microscope in Case, by Cooke, Troughton & Simms,... 22. Cambridge Hand-Held Electronic Calculator, by Sinclair, English,... 23. Medical Sledge-type Induction Coil 24. Pocket Nephoscope, England?, Early 20th Century 25. Giant Radio Valve, by GEC, English, 1910s