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13. Hooper's Type Anaesthetic Apparatus, by Hooper, English, c....14. Watchman's Clock with Movement, Pendulum and Case Keys, by...15. Print (Mezzotint Engraving) of 'The Orrery', after Joseph Wright...16. Key for Watchman's Clock, by Frank Woodward, Derby, c.184017. 'Derby' Photographic Dry Plates in Box, by Derby Dry Plate...18. 'Derwent' Photographic Dry Plates in Box, by Pollard Graham...19. Photograph (Albumen Print, Carte de Visite) of A. C. Hyde Parker...20. Correspondence Relating to Early Photographic Dry Plates Manufactured...21. Wood-Framed Lantern Slide (Hand-Painted), portrait of the Earl...