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4. Box-Form Stereoscope on Stand, by Negretti & Zambra, London,...5. Kaleidoscope, Sold by Watkins & Hill, English, Mid-19th Century6. Teleidoscope or Kaleidoscope, by P. Carpenter, English, Mid...7. Brewster's Kaleidoscope in Case with Accessories, by Beilby,...8. Microphotograph of Sir David Brewster, by J. B. Dancer, Manchester,...9. Stereoscopic Photograph (Collodion Glass Negative) of Magdalen...10. Print (Engraving, Colour-Printed) Containing Two Meteorological...11. Photograph (Salted Paper Print) of Sir David Brewster, Probably...12. Photograph (Salted Paper Print) of John Fleming, by David Octavius...13. Photograph (Salted Paper Print) of Hugh Miller and John Robertson,...14. Photograph (Cyanotype) of Lace in the Hartwell House Commonplace...15. Photograph (Cyanotype) of Lace in the Hartwell House Commonplace...16. Photograph (Cyanotype) of Lace in the Hartwell House Commonplace...17. Photograph (Albumen Print) Purporting to be a Group of Scientists,...18. Photograph (Albumen Print, Cabinet Format) Purporting to be...19. Printed Book 'The Home Life of Sir David Brewster', by Mrs...20. Photograph (Woodburytype) of Sir David Brewster, by Edwin Musgrave,...